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NEW IN 2018

WeB BAseD iNteRActive DAtABAse iMPLeMeNtAtiON

It took over one year to create a web based information database tool, which is able to fulfil all needs of the TOP

Hotels and the TOP Head Office. It connects this database with an in-house hosted centralized datacentre. No

more need to fill in numerous forms year over year for the hotels. starting 2018 this will be done once and from

that time information just needs to be updated and amended when needed. It is a huge step TOP has taken, to

ease the year round information requests and queries. The database will be a living tool and enhanced in duration

of the years.


Every three years TOP INTERNATIONAL is doing an evaluation of consortia partners. This means that the existing

partnerships will be enlarged with consortia companies, which are not in the official participation form of the

hotels. The TOP Head Office will pick for each of the 10 additional consortia a handful of properties; match them

with the individual feeder market and travel statistics of the consortia and participate in the programs. All costs for

participation are handled by the TOP office. Until the middle of 2018 detailed production reports will be pulled out

of the TOPREZ system, to see how the booking figures are increasing, decreasing or being stable. With this

information the consortia participation form for 2019 may be enlarged or kept as it is currently.


2018 will again be a technology upgrade focused year. As per 2017 TOPs website and own online booking system,

TOP-connect, were relaunched. Those so called front end systems had immediate effects on usability, traffic, rising

turnover and market penetration. 2018 the back end system TOPREZ, provided by our long lasting partner

Pegasussolutions, will undergo not only a facelift, but also an technology enhancement. TOP INTERNATIONAL as

being a long and valued partner from Pegasus we are in the project team and will give our thoughts, feedback and

comments on the upcoming programming of TOPREZ. Main aim is the functionality and ease for hotels, respec-

tively for the numerous channel managers, which can then be easier connected.

NeW iN 2018

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