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16 I

the PArtNers

The TOP brand brings together hotels

that are synonymous with personalised,

friendly service. Wherever they are loca-

ted, they rank among the best in their

class. They have chosen TOP INTERNATIO-

NAL Hotels as their marketing partner –

one of Europe’s largest hotel alliances

that represents hotels in Germany and

major European cities. The Group is also

the marketing partner of VCH-Hotels and

Embrace Hotels.

TOP City&CountryLine (TOP CCL) is TOP

INTERNATIONAL’s exclusive hotel collec-

tion, consisting of private first-class and

luxury hotels in Germany and neighbou-

ring countries. These are establishments

that never compromise on quality and

undergo regular inspections. Every TOP

City&CountryLine Hotel exudes charm

and character and is privately owned or


With niu, your city trip starts at the hotel.

Everywhere there is something new for

you, your friends and family to discover

about the city. sometimes casual, some-

times crazy or even nostalgic, but always

strikingly different. Each niu tells a surpri-

sing story - inspired by the neighbourhood

and shaped by art, zeitgeist and history. In

every niu hotel you will meet individual

elements that make the place and thus

niu and your stay a unique experience.