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toP Activities for YoUr sUccess

this new marketing plan combines the activities from toP iNterNAtioNAL hotels, toP city&country-

Line (toP ccL) which represents the toP exclusive line our marketing alliance partner vch-hotels

deutschland and embrace hotels. starting on the 01st January 2019 until 31st december 2019 the

activity plan includes a lot of activities which will be organized for the first time.

how does the hoteL worK with the ActivitY PLAN

The structure of TOP INTERNATIONAL Hotels asks for certain flexibility, therefore, changes in the time schedule

might occur. In order to make the use of the marketing plan more efficiently, we suggest to concentrate on the

following points:

Addresses- or contact reports will not given out without any proof of its purposes.

sales activities are to be found on the homepage

short summaries for various trade fairs will be given at

under press room. Certain fairs have a co exhibitor contribution fee. Key travel trade

fairs as ITB are meant to be meeting points for hoteliers and clients. All partners are

most welcome to join in and take full advantage of our corporate stand.

This activity plan and permanent communication with the TOP/TOP CCL Head Office combined with attendance

to TOP trainings will ensure to get the most out of the partnership with TOP INTERNATIONAL Hotels & Corporate

Partners. The training dates are set depending on urgency, new hotel staff and/or individual requests by hotels.

We urge every partner to at least participate once a year in a training. Next to explanations on the fast moving

development in electronic distribution the training will assist the hotel staff in understanding the meaning of

successful handling of the TOPREZ system.

02 I

Activities 2019