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NEW IN 2019

imPLemeNtiNG derBYsoft techNoLoGY iNto toPreZ

Derbysoft is the leading technology provider, which connects OTAs (online travel agencies) with many existing

CRs (Central Reservation systems). Even though our partner Pegasussolutions has interfaces to more than 4.000

of OTAs, there is still a huge market, which is currently not able to technically connect to our sophisticated CRs

technology. With Derbysoft as an intermediate between both systems, those OTAs can easily pull availabilities

and rates out of TOPREZ and thus TOP Hotels are going to start receiving bookings from completely new

evolving markets around the globe.

chiNese ANd AsiAN mArKet

Booming Chinese and Asian markets into Europe are considered to be a high potential even for un-branded

hotels. Many years ago this was already a hype but nothing really happened in the tourism sector, now time have

changed and the Chinese and Asians are rapidly expanding their travel destinations into Europe. Having their

representatives in those parts of the world, TOP has already signed retail agreements with most valued players like

Ctrip, Alibaba, Jin Jjang Travel and Agoda. The task for 2019 will not only be to connect the TOPREZ system to

them, but also to have property information professional translated to simplified and traditional Chinese language.

vALidstAY commissioN PAYmeNt

In 2018 we experienced a massive change within the commission payment process. Travelcom became Onyx

and Onyx became VALIDsTAY, the most robust and largest commission claiming system in the world. Having not

really cared about unpaid commissions in the past, travel agencies have now the ability to easily do this with the

Validstay system. The TOP Head Office in Duesseldorf already took over this time consumption process from a

number of their member hotels. The handling is centralized with an easy new payment system, also capable of

credit card and PayPal payments, accompanying the regular bank transferral. Next year there will be focused

actions to make hotels aware of this enhanced TOP service and take the burden of commission payment of

the hotels shoulders.

New iN 2019

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